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Description: Crafted from carefully selected tea buds that have the most amino acids, this exceptional blend offers a unique and smooth taste, combining a bold and robust flavor profile with a golden infusion that reflects its exquisite craftsmanship.

Radiant Flavor Profile: Golden Bud Black Tea boasts a distinct and robust flavor profile that sets it apart. Each sip reveals a velvety smoothness with notes of malt, honey, hazelnut, chocolate, and caramel, creating a symphony of flavors that is both bold and sophisticated. The tea's intricate layers and complexities delight the palate, leaving a lingering sweetness that resonates long after each sip.

Exquisite Appearance: Golden Bud Black Tea derives its name from the abundance of golden-hued tea buds present in the blend. These buds, carefully plucked at their peak, are characterized by their lustrous appearance and fine quality. As you steep the tea, observe the golden infusion that radiates warmth and elegance, inviting you to immerse yourself in a truly exceptional tea experience.

Hot brew: 1 tbsp - 8oz water - 210°F - 2 minutes         Cold brew:  tbsp - 8oz water - refrigerator -  5 hours

Size: Small 1.4oz
Size: Small 1.4oz

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Kasey McKenna
Best Impulse Farmer's Market Purchase

I bought a small bag of this tea essentially blindly at the Monrovia Farmer's Market on impulse this past weekend. The stall had cold brewed samples so it was hard to gauge the flavor, and the tasting cups had an oil smell from their waterproof coating that interfered with the aroma (difficult already with cold brewed tea).

I gotta say, this was the best risk I've taken. This is literally my new favorite tea, and I'll be getting that 4 oz package next time, no question. The tea is so deliciously malty and robust, a huge standout from the black teas that are my normal go-to morning teas. Closer to some of the nice aged pu-erhs we have that I save for longer tea sessions. It is a definite upgrade from my Bare Leaves Golden Yunan Black, and well worth the higher price!

Jessica Graney
First internet order!

The delivery was prompt and on time. The tea was delicious. Thank you Teawaves!

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How should I store my tea?

Our packaging is suitable to storing tea for extended periods of time so long as you reseal the packaging as airtight as you can, keep it in a room temperature and reasonably dry place away from light. If you do plan to transfer the tea to a different container, keep it mind that not only should it be airtight, but also keep out light. Thus avoid any glass or plastic that is transparent.

How long does tea stay fresh?

The tea that teawaves offers will stay fresh for up to eighteen months with the exception of the white tea whose flavor will enhance with age.

Where does your tea come from?

All of our tea comes from five tea gardens primarily in Fujian, China where our co-founder Joey is from and has familial ties and we can trust the tea growers and tea makers.

How does caffeine content vary between types of tea?

All tea that comes from the tea plant does have caffeine
that affects people’s bodies in different ways. No matter the tea, though, one
of the most important things we can stress is that the caffeine in tea is
different from the caffeine in coffee! With that being said, as a general
rule—caffeine is more potent in more oxidized teas (black tea), less potent in non-oxidized or hardly oxidized teas (green tea, white tea) and falls in the
middle with partially oxidized tea (oolong tea).