Do you offer free shipping?


Where are you ship from?

Our office and warehouse in Santa Monica, Ca

Does Teawaves offer any locations where I can try samples?

Yes please, please, please! Check our home page for farmers market locations where we offer samples and periodically hold tea ceremonies. The best way for you to gain confidence in our product is to try it yourself.

Where does your tea come from?

All of our tea comes from five tea gardens primarily in Fujian, China where our co-founder Joey is from and has familial ties and we can trust the tea growers and tea makers.

How does caffeine content vary between types of tea?

All tea that comes from the tea plant does have caffeine that affects people’s bodies in different ways. No matter the tea, though, one of the most important things we can stress is that the caffeine in tea is different from the caffeine in coffee! With that being said, as a general rule—caffeine is more potent in more oxidized teas (black tea), less potent in non-oxidized or hardly oxidized teas (green tea, white tea) and falls in the middle with partially oxidized tea (oolong tea). 

What’s the difference between your tea and other teas?

 Aside from the obvious answers—our taste and authenticity—our tea is very special because it comes straight to us from the source. All of our tea is single, origin, high grade and quality controlled crafted by tea makers and farmers with familial ties. In addition to our personal trust and relationships with these artisans, our tea goes through a strict, sixteen step, scientific quality control process. 

How should I store my tea?

Our packaging is suitable to storing tea for extended periods of time so long as you reseal the packaging as airtight as you can, keep it in a room temperature and reasonably dry place away from light. If you do plan to transfer the tea to a different container, keep it mind that not only should it be airtight, but also keep out light. Thus avoid any glass or plastic that is transparent.

What are benefits of drinking tea?

While the number one benefits from drinking tea are the experiences, either by yourself or with friends/family/acquaintances, and the delectable flavor, there have been many purported physical and mental health benefits associated with drinking tea studied in nearly every country on earth. While some tea is reported to be especially good for skin (white tea), some for weight loss (oolong tea), others for hearth health (black tea), it’s agreed that tea is a generally healthy beverage for almost all people!

How long does tea stay fresh?

The tea that teawaves offers will stay fresh for up to eighteen months with the exception of the white tea whose flavor will enhance with age.

Are your teas certificated organic?

Our tea is not certified organic nor do we make claims that it is certified organic. We do believe, however, that our product could likely be certified organic because our farmers only use traditional cultivating methods that are based on centuries old practices before chemical pesticides. Given that organic certifications are not a major concern for consumers in China, our farmers are reluctant to jump through the hoops and pay the fees needed for this certification. However, our plan when we grow larger as a company is to supplement the cost and effort for our farmers to attain these organic certifications.